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Free Blood Pressure Checks in Romford

Welcome to Clockhouse Pharmacy, your trusted healthcare provider in Romford. At Clockhouse Pharmacy, we understand the impact of cardiovascular disease (CVD) on the lives of millions of people in the United Kingdom. As one of the leading causes of premature death, CVD affects 7 million individuals and accounts for 1.6 million disability-adjusted life years. Hypertension, a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, remains undiagnosed in over 5.5 million people in England alone. Early detection of hypertension is crucial in reducing the risk of developing further complications. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 on routine blood pressure monitoring, detection levels have declined over the past two years. That’s where Clockhouse Pharmacy steps in. We are proud to collaborate closely with the NHS to provide free blood pressure checks in Romford, assisting in the detection and treatment of patients with hypertension in our community.


What is Hypertension?

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a common condition characterized by elevated long-term force exerted by blood against the artery walls. Unfortunately, hypertension often presents no noticeable symptoms. The only way to determine if your blood pressure is high is to have it checked regularly. It is vital to seek regular checkups from your GP or visit your nearest community pharmacy that offers the Hypertension Case-Finding Service in Romford. If left untreated, hypertension can significantly increase your risk of serious health problems, including heart attacks and strokes.


blood pressure checks romford


Causes of High Blood Pressure

The causes of high blood pressure are not always clear, but certain factors may put you at higher risk. You may be more susceptible to hypertension if you:


free blood pressure checks romford


How to Reduce Blood Pressure

Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes you can make to prevent the development of hypertension or help lower your blood pressure. It is recommended that you:

About Our Hypertension Service At Clockhouse Pharmacy, our Hypertension Service aims to identify individuals in our community who are at risk of developing hypertension. Simply book an appointment with us to have your blood pressure checked. Based on the results, we will provide you with healthy living advice and, if necessary, guide you to the appropriate healthcare professionals.


Who is eligible?

Please note that we are unable to provide this service to patients who already have their blood pressure monitored regularly by a healthcare professional.


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At Clockhouse Pharmacy, we are committed to promoting the well-being of our community and helping individuals take control of their cardiovascular health.
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